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Sucking axial fans FR-SG series

The sucking axial fans is a device with a wide range of applications in the field of ventilation systems. Its design allows for effective suction of used air from inside the building in order to discharge it outside. The fan from our offer is characterized not only by a modern design, but above all by a solid workmanship. Perfect for facilities such as: production halls, warehouses, greenhouses, workshops, shops and sports facilities.

  • Place to use

The blowing axial fans is designed for installation in buildings such as:

  • warehouses,
  • shops,
  • sports facilities,
  • production halls,
  • greenhouses,
  • logistics centers.
  • Parameters

Maximum air flow: 1,520 – 21,000 m3 / h

Weight: 2.5– 35 kg

Motor rated current: 0.42 – 3.5 A

Housing: powder coated galvanized steel wire mesh

Additional information:

  • Device in 1- or 3-phase version.
  • Designed for wall mounting.
  • Paddles made of metal.
  • Control

In order to ensure control over the operation of the device, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the dedicated automation for the FR-BG series.

  • Benefits

  • steel blades.
  • powder coated galvanized protective mesh,
  • modern design.

Blowing axial fans FR-SG series

  • Blowing axial fan FR-250-SG 230V

  • Blowing axial fan FR-300-SG 230V

  • Blowing axial fan FR-350-SG 230V

  • Blowing axial fan FR-400-SG 230V

  • Blowing axial fan FR-450-SG 230V

  • Blowing axial fan FR-500-SG 230V

  • Blowing axial fan FR-550-SG 230V

  • Blowing axial fan FR-630-SG 230V

  • Blowing axial fan FR-710-SG 230V

  • Blowing axial fan FR-800-SG 230V

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    Control for FR-SG series

    Manual room thermostat HC

    Programmable controller HMI

    Fan speed controller HC

    Relay module RM-16A

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