It’s time to START Black Week!

Enjoy amazing deals during our exclusive Black Week promotion from 17/11/2023 to 27/11/2023. This is a unique opportunity to purchase the latest VESPER air conditioners and HC heaters in a set at promotional prices.

Black Week offer:

  1. VESPER air conditioners: Discover comfort in your home with VESPER air conditioners. During the promotion, we offer attractive discounts of up to 60% of the price on all air conditioner models.
  2. Promotion for heaters: When purchasing HC series heater (HC20, HC30, HC35, HC45), you will receive HC3S controller for 1 euro! This is not only saving money, but also a chance to have full control over the temperature in your surroundings. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

How to take advantage of the promotion?

To take advantage of our Black Week promotion, visit our website from 17/11/2023 to 27/11/2023 and then write directly to to place your order.

Promotion Rules:

Detailed information regarding the terms and conditions of the Black Week promotion can be found in the regulations (here ->

Black Week is a time of unique promotions, so we want you to take full advantage of it!

What products does the promotion apply to?

Air conditioner VESPER series

3-step controller with thermostat HC3S