Our brand stands for more then standards.

As a leading producer of air water heaters in Europe, Reventon Group is a guarantee of the highest quality, low prices and professional services. Over 30 worldwide markets has already trusted us. Be one of them, join now!



We used the latest technologies in production of Reventon air water heaters. The casing is made of durable and ecological material called EPP which is expanded polypropylene. The efficient coil was made of cooper and aluminum to bring the powerful and reliable heating to Your environment. Energy saving three-stage fans with the protection degree of IP 54, and one-stage fans IP 65, one- or three-phase fully comply with European standards of ErP 2015.


At Reventon we care for the end users. We want you to have the best experience possible with our products and that’s why we care so much for the quality. We give the greatest attention to details while keeping in mind the bigger picture for wide variety of customers.


You get a warranty for worry-free use and installations. From now on, you can have the peace of the yoga master! Whether you work on installation side, buying for yourself or running a distribution center, the Reventon is always the right choice. 2 years warranty for all products.


It takes genius to turn something complex into something simple. Well, this time we needed more then 20 000 cups of coffe and a team full of passion to bring this beautifull design to life. Reventon heaters combine simplicity and power, they fit nicely into each space and represent the most outstanding air water heaters on the globe!