Customer satisfaction survey

Your opinion is very important to us, because thanks to honest answers we can improve the standards of our service as well as the quality of the products we offer. We will be grateful for answering in the 11 questions below.. We hope that this will make our cooperation even more satisfying for you.

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    1. How do you rate the overall quality of our products?

    2. Are you satisfied with our customer service?

    3. Do we meet your expectations regarding order processing time?

    4. Are our products competitive in terms of price?

    5. Did you have any problems or experienced any difficulties in working with us? If so, which ones?

    6. Do you need additional support with training, marketing materials or information about our products? If so, which ones?

    7. Would you be interested in expanding our offer with new products or services? If so, what?

    8. What suggestions would you have for improving the quality of our products?

    9. Are you interested in participating in our loyalty or promotional programs?

    10. Which brands/manufacturers do you most often compare our products with?

    11. Do you have any other comments or suggestions about our brand/cooperation that we haven't discussed before?

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