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Heat recovery units
INSPIRO series

The INSPIRO series heat recovery units is equipped with an enthalpy exchanger, which means that there is no need to install a condensate drainage system and minimizes the risk of frosting, and is also responsible for additional humidification / dehumidification of the air supplied to the room. Heat recovery units is a modern element that allows the recovery of energy – heat and moisture. EC fans with 10 predefined speeds used in the device allow for supplying and exhausting the required amount of air. G3 pre-filters protect the exchanger against quick contamination, and the F9 fine air supply filter guarantees the cleanliness of the supplied air. Communication and control of the device takes place via the STANDARD or PRESTIGE control panel, depending on the customer’s preferences.

  • Place to use

Heat recovery unit INSPIRO series is designed for buildings such as:

  • multi-family houses,
  • one-family houses.
  • Parameters

Motor power: 38 – 188 W

Weight: 25 – 72 kg

Energy class: A *
* according to EU no. 1254/2014

Loudness: 31.5 – 42 dB

Nominal air flow: 150 – 800 m3 / h

  • Control

The INSPIRO series is equipped with a STANDARD or optionally PRESTIGE control panel, which enables the device operation control. The product also has sensors for CO₂ concentration and relative humidity..

  • Benefits

  • steel casing covered with insulation,
  • G3 pre-filters protecting the exchanger against dirt,
  • equipped with a fine F9 air supply filter,
  • enthalpy exchanger enabling heat and moisture recovery,
  • 10 speed EC fans,
  • intuitive STANDARD controller included,
  • power schedule,
  • automatic “bypass”,
  • differential pressure switch informing about dirt filter F9,
  • CO₂ concentration sensor / relative humidity sensor.

Heat recovery units INSPIRO  series

  • Heat recovery units INSPIRO 150

  • Heat recovery units INSPIRO 250

  • Heat recovery units INSPIRO 350

  • Heat recovery units INSPIRO 500

  • Heat recovery units INSPIRO 650

  • Heat recovery units INSPIRO 800

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