Where I can find the technical documentation?

The technical documentation is added to every Reventon device. It is also possible to download the technical documentation from our website www.reventongroup.eu. Technical documentation consists of schematic diagram, installation instructions, automatics, terms of warranty, all precautions and warnings.

How does the service look like?

The service will be done by the installation company due to the terms of warranty included in warranty card. The elements will be supplied by the Reventon Group manufacturer during the warranty period.

How to maintain the Reventon device?

It is recommended to clean the device periodically:
– heating coil blow through by compressed air,
– fan casing and blades clean from the dirt.

Is it possible to use anti-freeze fluid?

Yes, it is possible to use water and glycol. It is necessary to contact the manufacturer of valves and and pumps what are their recommendations.

What pipe diameter should be used in collector supply?

How to assembly the Reventon device?

To assemble the Reventon device please use the rotating mounting bracket or mounting pins. Possibility to assemble the device on the wall or up to the ceiling.

Is it possible to cool the air by the Reventon device?

Application of cold water, glycol and ice water is possible. Although the Reventon device does not consists of the installation which drains off the drip. It is necessary to assemble the drip try ( additional equipment). The device should cool on lower speed control level.

Does the Reventon device work with air pump heat source?

Yes, the Reventon devices can work with the air pump heat source. The HC 70 69 kW device should be used, as the inlet temperature in air pump is lower.


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