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Heat recovery units VERTIC series

The heat recovery units VERTIC series provides mechanical ventilation with heat recovery for buildings such as residential houses, public utility buildings, cafes, warehouses, etc. This device is designed for vertical installation. High-tech solutions enable its assembly without the need to build it in. The heat recovery units have a built-in control panel, which greatly facilitates programming and managing its functions. In order to increase the efficiency of its operation in terms of air cleaning, it has three types of filters: supply filter, exhaust filter and bypass filter. The heat recovery units are equipped with three G4 filters. Their function is to pre-clean the air before it is introduced into the rooms (supply filter and bypass filter) and to protect the heat exchanger against dirt (supply and exhaust filter). The device has a counter-flow heat exchanger made of polystyrene. This material is characterized by high thermal conductivity, and is also resistant to oxidation and mold. The VERTIC series heat recovery units have energy-saving EC fans with five predefined speeds. Thanks to advanced electronics, the fan speed is adjusted on a regular basis. This solution ensures the constant possible air flow through the exchanger and further through the ventilation ducts. The outer shell of the heat recovery units are made of powder coated steel, while the interior of the device is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP). Thanks to the use of such materials, the device is characterized by high tightness, as well as acoustic and thermal insulation.

  • Place to use

The VERTIC series recuperator is intended for buildings such as:

  • single and multi-family houses,
  • public buildings,
  • catering facilities,
  • warehouses.
  • Parameters

Motor power: 170 – 480 W

Weight: 40 – 50 kg

Energy class: A *
* according to EU no. 1254/2014

Loudness: 35 – 39 dB

Nominal air flow: 80 – 500 m3 / h

  • Control

The VERTIC series recuperator has a built-in control panel that allows you to control the operation of the device. The product also has sensors for CO₂ concentration and relative humidity. We also offer an intelligent VERTIC touch control panel, which additionally increases the functionality of the device, including for example the operation of an external electric duct heater.

  • Benefits

  • solid steel housing,
  • internal insulation made of expanded polypropylene,
  • G4 pre-filters protecting the exchanger against dirt,
  • 5 speed EC fans,
  • intuitive control panel built into the device,
  • power schedule,
  • automatic “bypass”,
  • CO₂ concentration sensor / relative humidity sensor.

Heat recovery units VERTIC series

technical parameters VERTIC
  • Heat recovery units VERTIC 250

  • Heat recovery units VERTIC 350

  • Heat recovery units VERTIC 500

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