rekuperator ścienny Waller
rekuperator ścienny Waller rekuperator

Heat recovery units WALLER series

WALLER series of heat recovery units are designed for ductless ventilation of rooms such as: room, office room, cafe, etc. This device is designed for wall mounting. Thanks to the use of a reversible fan, WALLER is a complete supply and exhaust device, enabling energy recovery from the exhaust air. WALLER can also work in the ventilation mode, as a supply or exhaust only device. In such a case, complete mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation can be provided, for example, by two WALLER devices working synchronously, where one supplies fresh air to the room, and the other provides exhaust air. However, it should be remembered that there is no energy recovery for devices operating in ventilation mode. The heat recovery units are controlled by means of a remote control, which makes it much easier to manage its operation.

  • Place to use

WALLER series recuperator is designed for:

  • office spaces,
  • rooms,
  • eateries.
  • Parameters

Motor power: 12 W

Weight: 3.4 kg

Energy class: A *
* according to EU no. 1254/2014

Maximum air flow: 20 – 64 m3 / h

  • Control

The WALLER series recuperator has a remote control device included in the set. Thus, it allows the device to operate in regenerative or fan mode.

  • Benefits

  • plastic housing,
  • ceramic heat exchanger enabling heat and moisture recovery,
  • intuitive remote control included in the set.

Heat recovery units WALLER series

technical parameters WALLER
  • Heat recovery units WALLER 64

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