Heating and ventilation Reventon units are used to heat large-size spaces. Air water heaters have to be connected to central heating system. Devices are suitable to work in aggressive environments with high dustiness, humidity and concentration of ammonia in the air.

Because of the new LCE coating, the device has the antibacterial layer.

Application: production halls for food industry, pigsties, rooms with high dustiness, humidity and ammonia in the air.

nagrzewnica wodna reventon seria s w stalowej obudowie


Casing: made of expanded polypropylene EPP, resistant, light and reliable. The material is capable of carrying considerable loads without deforming. It does not degrade under the influence of a lubricant, oil, crude oil and the majority of chemicals. It has an excellent sound insulation properties, that is why it is used as casings, material is environmentally friendly and «green», i.e. 100% recyclable. Aesthetic design gives new nature to the device..

Energy saving fans with the protection degree of IP 54, IP 65 fully comply with European standards of ErP 2015.
Efficient copper and aluminium coil is a guarantee of warm and comfort. We offer 2 row coils with the power range 20-53kW.


EPP casing
Modern design
High efficiency
Protective layer of LCE coating assure of work in aggressive environments
The end with mould, fungi and bacteria in the coils
Energy-efficient fans with degree of protection IP 54 or IP 65
Warm comfort in qiuck time
Silent and reliable work
36-months warranty
Lifetime warranty for EPP casing


Nagrzewnica wodna Standard


Air water heaters are used to heat large-size spaces



One of our useful accessories will help you to keep the heat in all directions at once . That’s rigth! Diffuser 360° will do the job before you even know it. For best results- mount the water heater on the ceiling and let it do its job!



For those who need to concentrate the airflow at one point, the confusor-cover plate will provide the best solution and speed up the airflow. We recommend it for the celiling mounted heaters.



It is used to level the temperature under the ceiling and in work zone. We recommend assembly under the ceiling.