The offered accessories, depending on the type, complete the devices, enabling the creation of a complete system or simply guarantee proper and safe assembly. Each of the accessories has a well-thought-out structure, and the materials used for their production are of the highest quality.

Gravity shutters GS

The gravity shutter is designed for the ends of ventilation ducts, especially those that expel air from the building to the outside. It is designed for wall / facade mounting. Forced air flow in the duct (e.g. by a fan) raises the gravity louvers, which in turn causes the exhaust air to be ejected. In the absence of this movement, the grille structure provides protection against air recoil back into the building. In winter, the shutter prevents heat loss through an unsealed vent.

Rotary console HC

The rotating console is an assembly element for HC series heaters. Thanks to its use, the device can be rotated horizontally depending on the current needs of users.

Drip tray

The drip tray is an assortment intended for HC series heaters. If the heaters are used in the cooling function, it enables drainage of the formed condensate.

Rotating console S

The rotating console is a mounting element for the S series heaters. Thanks to its use, the device can be rotated horizontally depending on the current needs of the users.

Mounting brackets S

Mounting brackets are dedicated to S series heaters in a steel casing. These accessories enable the device to be mounted to a wall or ceiling at the desired angle of inclination.

EU3 FEU filter

The use of a filter prevents contaminants such as sand, pollen, etc. from entering the room with fresh air. The accessory is intended for use with the mixing chamber.


Wall air intake WI

The wall air intake is intended for installation on the building facade. Prevents the mixing chamber from getting inside, e.g. leaves, snow, rain, etc.

HC 3/4 ” flexible hoses

Flexible hoses enable connection of devices to the hydraulic system. Thanks to their flexible structure, they allow for easy supply of the heating medium to the exchanger in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, they enable rotation of the device mounted on a rotating console, which would be impossible in the case of “rigid” mounting. The diameter of the conduit has been specially adapted to the flow rates in the heaters.

RI roof air intake

The roof air intake is intended for installation on the roof of a building. Prevents the mixing chamber from getting inside, e.g. leaves, snow, rain, etc.

Mounting bracket MB

The mounting bracket is a mounting component for the MC series mix chambers. Its use makes it possible to attach the chamber to a building partition. The kit consists of two MB brackets.

Transition channel

The duct is indispensable when installing the MC mixing chamber as its installation allows for a passage through a wall or ceiling. It has a movable frame, which allows you to trim the channel according to the thickness of the partition.

Roof base

This accessory is dedicated to the STORM series roof fans. It is on the roof base that these devices should be mounted.
The roofcurb is available in three versions:
– ordinary,
– insulated,
– insulated with a damping and noise-absorbing baffle.

Top / bottom adapter plate

The adapter plate is designed to be used with STORM roof fans and roof bases. It enables the connection of an exhaust air duct that takes the air outside. It can be placed under the roof base or directly on it.

1-step electric duct heater

The preliminary heater is designed for installation in ventilation ducts. It is used to prevent freezing of the exchanger in the recuperator. So before the outside air enters the device, the air is heated by the pre-heater. The heater is designed for INSPIRO recuperators.

1-step electric duct heater with controlling

The single-stage duct heater with a controller is designed for such models from our offer as: INSPIRO recuperators, INSPIRO BASIC recuperators and VERTIC recuperators. The heater allows you to heat the air that flows through it to the set temperature (according to the flow direction). This is done thanks to the heater control system, which compares the temperature measured by the sensor with the temperature set by the user.

2-step eclectic secondary heater for INSPIRO

The secondary heater is intended for installation in ventilation ducts behind the supply air connector. It enables a comfortable supply air temperature to be achieved. The device is designed for INSPIRO recuperators. A well-chosen heater should be able to heat the air flowing through it by approx. 5 ° C (on the first heating stage) or 10 ° C (on the second heating stage).

EU7 VERTIC filter

EU7 filters are intended for recuperators of both the VERTIC series. These filters are responsible for cleaning the air flowing through the recuperator.

EU7 INSPIRO filter

EU7 filters are designed for INSPIRO recuperators. They clean the air that flows through the recuperator.

EU9 INSPIRO filter

Fine filter used to clean the supply air before it is introduced into the room. Retains most of the contaminants contained in e.g. smog. Filter used in INSPIRO recuperators.


The filter is used for initial air purification and protection of the recuperator exchanger against clogging. Stops larger pollutants such as sand, pollen, etc. Filter used in INSPIRO and INSPIRO BASIC recuperators.

Z-type suspension bracket

The Z-type sling enables the installation of heating and ventilation devices or elements with the use of threaded rods (so-called assembly pins). The slings are made of galvanized steel, and the applied vibration isolators provide additional vibration damping.