Heat recovery units is a device that ensures adequate air exchange in the building by supplying fresh, filtered air and blowing used air outside. Is a ventilation unit with heat recovery, thanks to which air recuperation is possible. Our offer includes a recuperator with an enthalpy exchanger. In practice, this means that the use of the device allows for the simultaneous recovery of heat and moisture from the exhaust air, which gives measurable savings in heating costs. It should also be noted that the use of this type of recuperator causes no frosting, so its installation does not require additional installation to drain the condensate from the device. Internal moisture recovery improves the health conditions and climatic comfort inside the building without the need to use additional air humidifiers. The use of a heat recovery units with an enthalpy exchanger significantly improves the quality of breathing, and also prevents the air from drying out, which particularly affects people exposed to allergies, skin lesions and diseases of the upper respiratory tract during the heating period. Easy control of the device enables effective air exchange and very high efficiency of heat recovery, which translates into high energy savings.

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