Who are we?
What do we do?

Reventon is a rapidly growing brand that has been working hard towards its success since 2015. Thanks to its professional approach to customer needs, it quickly establishes a lasting presence in successive global markets.

Our headquarters are located in Poland, Europe, which enables us to successfully export our devices worldwide. All of this is possible thanks to experience, efficient communication, and the efforts of many individuals to ensure that our HVAC industry products reach wherever they are needed on time.

We are present in over 40 markets worldwide.

The development vision of our company includes consistent investment in research and development to be a pioneer in the field of modern technologies. We plan to further expand our global presence, establish partnership relationships with industry leaders, and deliver products and services that contribute to improving the quality of life for people worldwide.


The strength of our brand lies in our people, as they are the ones working on its development every day. Every member of our team knows well that their work matters and that the success of the daily mission, which is delivering the highest quality product to the end customer, depends on them.


Interest in our products has allowed us to establish a presence in over 30 global markets. As a result, our customers inform us about the diverse functionalities they expect. This serves as an incentive for us to develop and enhance further devices that we are working on.


Each of our products has its beginning in our design department. It is here that our engineers work on creating a product that meets the expectations of our customers. Their experience and commitment to product development ensure that they never stop striving for excellence in their quest for further solutions, which gain recognition from our partners and end customers.


The appearance of our products is the result of collaboration with designers working with us. They ensure that our devices are aesthetically pleasing, even to the most discerning individuals. After all, they know that the most demanding customer is the best quality tester. It is through dialogue with customers that we can successfully create devices that are original enough to delight and practical enough to fit into any interior.

Why choose REVENTON?

Reventon Group is a renowned european manufacturer in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry. What sets us apart:

Innovative approach to designing, manufacturing, and delivering HVAC systems, ensuring high energy efficiency and user comfort. By incorporating the latest technologies and solutions, Reventon Group products meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Professional customer service and timely order fulfillment, earning the company recognition and trust among its business partners worldwide.


  • Individual and flexible approach to the Customer.
  • Continuous availability of assortment in our own warehouses in Europe.
  • Fast order fulfillment worldwide.
  • Modern, efficient, and reliable products.
  • Clear technical documentation.
  • Professional technical department, which is always ready to help.