Water heaters are a wide range of heaters in our offer, which enables the appropriate selection of the device to the requirements of a given facility, thanks to the different heating power, efficiency and range. This is one of the most popular devices used to heat large-volume surfaces. Their decisive advantage is high work efficiency and relatively low investment costs. Our water heaters are available in various casings due to the specificity of the rooms in which they will work. Our offer includes a water heater with a light EPP casing and a heater in a steel casing. The EPP casing not only protects the mechanical parts of the device, but also promotes its quiet operation – acting as an element that dampens sounds. Thanks to the EPP material used, the total weight of the heater is significantly reduced, making it easier to install. The water heater works in conditions particularly difficult for the operation of heating systems in rooms with high humidity and the production of waste, e.g. pigsties, henhouses. Agrarian heating requires the devices to be highly resistant to corrosion and to allow access to their internal parts for proper heater maintenance. To help our customers choose the right device, we have created a heat demand calculator. With just a few clicks, you can choose the heaters suitable for your needs.

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