Industrial fans are a wide range of our products, such as: wall fans, roof fans and duct fans. Each of the types of fans we offer complements the offer in the field of heating and ventilation systems. Industrial fans are mainly responsible for air transport and its circulation. According to their intended use, they pump air from the building to the outside or suck fresh air inside. Roof fans are part of the exhaust system and are used to remove used, oxygen-free air from the building. This type of industrial fan is the end of the ventilation system and is mounted on both flat and sloped roofs. Due to their operation in changing weather conditions, our roof fans are resistant to corrosion and UV radiation. Wall industrial fans are available in suction and forcing versions, which allows you to adjust the air flow direction depending on the application. Our offer also includes duct fans that are mounted inside the ventilation ducts. Their design allows mounting to typical ventilation elements. They are most often used in the ventilation systems of wholesalers, production halls, warehouses, breeding rooms and workshops.

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