Air water heaters, heat recovery units, air curtains and other devices from the HVAC industry

We offer professional solutions in the field of heating systems, ventilation systems and heat recovery units. Our devices are already available on over 30 global markets, placing us at the leading position in the HVAC industry. Our offer includes specialized devices such as: water heater, heat recovery unit, air curtain, industrial fan, roof fan, duct fan and many other interesting solutions for people looking for the best products on the installation market. All our devices are designed to ensure thermal comfort and effective air exchange for large-area premises.

Application of air handling units, heating systems and air exchange systems

The products we offer are characterized by high durability due to the quality of the materials used. Due to the awareness of the various conditions in which HVAC devices operate, we have made every effort to ensure that their performance meets the highest standards and provides thermal comfort. Water heater, air curtain, air handling unit and other heating and ventilation devices (AGW) will be used in cases such as: heating the hall, heating greenhouses, heating warehouses and other surfaces requiring professional heating systems.

Quality and design in every product

Our intention was to create a brand in which we focus primarily on quality, without forgetting, how important design is today. Our water heater, air curtain or industrial fan, apart from a high level of efficiency, also present modern industrial design. The heating system is a solution whose task is to provide thermal comfort. However, it is also important for us that the proposed devices, thanks to their universal dimensions and interesting shape, easily find their place in space. As a producer of heaters and other HVAC devices, we have also decided to use ecological and light materials such as EPP casing. The undoubted advantage of the material is not only low weight, but also high thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as the possibility of raw material recovery in the recycling process. Thanks to the introduction of innovative solutions, our devices are extremely easy to install, and the elements are effectively protected against mechanical damages by the durable and light casing. Due to the wide use of our devices, we also have agrarian heaters, which thanks to the optimization of our customers’ needs, are equipped with specialized solutions dedicated to farmers.

Room heat load calculator

Use our heat loss calculator to match the appropriate heating power of the devices.

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