Air curtains are devices that are most often installed in high traffic areas where doors are often opened or closed. The air curtain primarily protects against heat loss (in winter) or cold (summer). It can also act as a warming up. An important aspect when choosing a device is both the adjustment of its width and the range of the air stream. It is not without significance that the air curtain has the ability to adjust the blowing direction. Its proper orientation will favor the effectiveness of the device and limit the penetration of dust and insects inside the room. Air curtains, despite the similar principle of operation to heaters, do not have to additionally heat the air – it is the so-called The curtain of cold. These types of devices, however, should be distinguished into door curtains operating in places such as shops, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and door curtains, which will find their place in logistics centers, warehouses, construction stores, car workshops or hangars.

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