Destratification fan is a device whose task is to transfer warm air in the upper parts of the room. In this way, warm air is directed through the fans into the zone where people stay, thus satisfying the need for thermal comfort. It is used to save operating costs on heating, including the reduction of heat loss through the roof. The fans equalizes the air temperature between the upper and lower part of the rooms in which it is located. It is most often used in rooms with a height of more than 4 meters. Destratification fans are successfully used in places such as: warehouse halls, wholesalers, logistic centers, production halls. A wide range of our devices allows you to adjust the air flow to the height and area of ​​a specific room. Thus, it provides the best efficiency and provides thermal comfort during operation. Fans in our offer create intelligent solutions with dedicated controllers and temperature sensors. It must be remembered that the use of destratification fans in the room will not replace the operation of heaters. Their operation is only to support the operation of the heating system to make its operation more efficient and economical.

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