VESPER air conditioner
ideal for home and office

The VESPER series air conditioner is a revolutionary solution that will change the way you experience comfort in your interior. Designed with a perfect blend of advanced technology, elegant design, and high performance, the VESPER series ensures thermal comfort regardless of the season.

Functions of the VESPER air conditioner

Operating modes and functions

Function FEEL

Function ECO


SUPER mode




SLEEP function

AUTO mode

TIMER mode

Intelligent air conditioner control

Intelligent control: our VESPER air conditioner is equipped with an intelligent control system that automatically adjusts to changing weather conditions, ensuring optimal comfort with minimal user effort.

Dedicated SmartLife application

Our air conditioner is more than just a temperature control device - it's an intelligent solution that provides convenience and flexibility in control. With the SmartLife application and remote control capability, the air conditioner allows easy adjustment of settings even from a distance, providing full control over the environment in your home.

Intelligent control

  • Exceptional convenience: controlling the air conditioner via the SmartLife app or remote provides convenience and ease of use, regardless of your location in the house.
  • Flexible scheduling: with the SmartLife app, you can program schedules for the air conditioner, adapting it to your daily routine, which helps save energy and money.
  • Intelligent energy management: controlling the air conditioner through the app allows monitoring energy consumption and adjusting settings to save energy, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Save on electricity bills

Energy efficiency class A+/A++

The VESPER air conditioner not only offers effective cooling on hot days but also provides fast and efficient heating during colder months, allowing you to enjoy comfort all year round. Moreover, our air conditioner is incredibly energy-efficient, with the highest energy efficiency class rating of A+/A++, enabling you to enjoy comfort without worrying about high electricity bills. With advanced technology and intelligent control, VESPER air conditioning ensures optimal performance with minimal energy consumption, which is not only beneficial for your wallet but also for the environment. Save energy, protect your wallet and the planet, all while enjoying comfort every day of the year.

Efficient cooling and heating

Fast, affordable, efficient cooling and heating.

Ensure year-round comfort, regardless of weather conditions, with our advanced air conditioner, which performs exceptionally well even in the most extreme climates. The VESPER air conditioner is designed to provide unparalleled comfort to users, regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Technical specification of the VESPER series air conditioner


    VESPER 3.4 VESPER 5.1
Maximum airflow [m3/h] indoor unit 305/346/407/488/550 457/497/600/720/800
outdoor unit 1700 2600
Power [kW] cooling 3,40 (1,00 - 3,77) 5,10 (1,25 – 5,91)
heating 3,42 (1,00 – 3,81) 5,10 (1,25 – 6,07)
SEER [W/W]   6,1 6,1
SCOP [W/W]   4,0 4,0
Energy efficiency class cooling A++ A++
heating A+ A+
Adjustment range [°C]   16 - 31 16 - 31
Type of refrigerant   R32 R32
Voltage/Frequency [V/Hz]   230/50 230/50
Net weight [kg] indoor unit 10 13
Joutdoor unit 25 39
Soundpressure level [dB(A) indoor unit 22/25/33/37/40 27/35/38/41/43
outdoor unit 50 55

What is included in the set?

Indoor unit

Outdoor unit


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