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Air water heaters Farmer OpenAir series

The Farmer OpenAir air water heater is a high-class device that is designed to work in agrarian facilities such as greenhouses, chokes, pigs, stables, etc. This device stands out against other such solutions with easy access to the heat exchanger for cleaning , due to the high degree of dust occurring in agrarian facilities.

  • Place to use

The Farmer OpenAir series air water heater is designed to work in an aggressive environment such as:

  • car washes,
  • stables,
  • greenhouses,
  • pigsties,
  • chicken coops,
  • carpentry shops.
  • Parameters

Power range:  7,5 – 71,6 kW

Weight: 46 kg

Housing: material

Additional information:

  • The fan of the device with the protection degree of IP 66 meets the requirements of the European Directive 2009/125 / EC (ErP 2015).
  • Control

This device, combined with the automation dedicated to it, creates a complete system in the field of heat distribution. This solution ensures control over temperature and power consumption, which gives measurable financial benefits.

  • Benefits

  • has a special GOLD EPOXY coating,
  • fan with increased IP degree,
  • equipped with a fully opening housing, allowing easy access to the device for maintenance,
  • adapted to many different mounting solutions – ceiling or wall mounting possible.

Air water heater Farmer OpenAir IP66

  • Air water heater Farmer OpenAir IP66

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