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Roof fans STORM series

The STORM series roof fan is used to remove used air from a room with dust content not exceeding 0.3 g / m³. It is intended for external use on building roofs. Thanks to the specially designed fan impeller blades, air is drawn in from the axial direction and discharged radially outside the building. Our offer includes roof fans with AC and EC motors. The device has a casing made of powder-coated galvanized steel, thanks to which it is resistant to unfavorable external conditions.

  • Place to use

The roof fan is designed for installation on the roofs of facilities such as:

  • production halls,
  • warehouses,
  • logistics centers,
  • garages,
  • commercial pavilions,
  • sports halls.
  • Parameters

Maximum air flow: 520 – 3600 m3 / h

Weight: 7 – 14 kg

Working temperature: -25 ° C to +60 ° C

Motor rated current: 0.25 – 2.8 A

Housing: powder coated galvanized steel

Additional information:

  • Choice of version with AC or EC motor.
  • The offer includes dedicated mounting accessories.
  • Control

The control of the device is possible thanks to the dedicated automation for the STORM series. Possible integration of the device with the mixing chamber.

  • Benefits

  • durable construction of the device,
  • modern design,
  • AC or EC motor can be selected.

Roof fans STORM series

  • Roof fan STORM 190 AC

  • Roof fan STORM 250 AC

  • Roof fan STORM 315 AC

  • Roof fan STORM 400 AC

  • Roof fan STORM 225 EC

  • Roof fan STORM 315 EC

  • Roof fan STORM 335 EC

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    Automation for STORM series

    Programmable controller HMI



    Manual room thermostat HC

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