In the heated high large-spaces the air mass is located in the upper part of room, which causes the heat loss. Destratification fan also called the drop fan or air mixer are used to save on heating. They steer the air back to work zone at the same time they level out the air temperature in the high room, they also limit the heat loss through the roof.

Reventon 15 (3)
Reventon 15 (2)
Reventon 15 (1)


They are used in production halls, warehouses and logistic centres.

Diffuser 360°- cover plate for water heaters enables the airflow in all different directions in the room. Cover plate made of galvanized steel, casing made of foamed polypropylene EPP. Recommended for ceiling mounting.

3-stage fans with the protection degree IP54, comply with the European standards ErP 2015. 

Fan efficiency 5100 m3/h.


Water heater Standard

Air water heater HC series in EPP casing + confusor

Air water heater Farmer HCF

Water heater S series in steel casing

Air water heater Farmer MC  in steel casing

Electric heated air curtain AERIS

Axial fan FR with protective grid

Axial fan FR with squre frame

Axial duct fan FR