Destratification fans HC-3S series

Destratification fans otherwise known as an air mixer, is a device that throws warm air from the upper parts of the room into the zone where people stay. In this way, the heated air is directed efficiently downwards. Destratification fans are intended for use in industrial rooms with a height of min. 4 m, such as e.g. warehouses, production halls or shipping centers. Due to their design specificity, these facilities are, by definition, exposed to special limitations in heat distribution.

Description: Destratification fans HC-3S series

Place to use
Destratification fans will work in high rooms such as:

  • hangars,
  • warehouses,
  • production halls,
  • warehouses,
  • garages.

Vertical range: 6 – 10 m
Weight: 11.5 kg
Housing: EPP

Additional information:

  • The fan of the device with the protection degree of IP 54 meets the requirements of the European Directive 2009/125 / EC (ErP 2015).
  • 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Our destratification fans in combination with dedicated accessories create a complete device control system. This solution ensures effective and economical operation of the device.


  • large range of the device,
  • 3-speed fan,
  • environmentally friendly, durable EPP casing,
  • easy assembly,
  • modern design.

Technical specification

  Detratyfikator HC-3S
Product code DHC-3S-1766
Maximum airflow [m3]
3 stage/2 stage/1 stage
4600 / 3900 / 3100
Maximum vertical air range [m]
3 stage/2 stage/1 stage
10 / 8 / 6
Voltage/frequency [V/Hz] 230/50
Nominal motor current [A]
3 stage/2 stage/1 stage
1,08 / 0,86 / 0,70
Nominal motor speed [rpm]
3 stage/2 stage/1 stage
1360 / 1050 / 750
Nominal motor power [W]
3 stage/2 stage/1 stage
240 / 190 / 160
IP protection rating of motor 54
Net weight [kg] 11,5
Noise [dB*]
3 stage/ 2 stage/ 1 stage
61 / 56 / 52
* - the measurment at the distance of 5m from the device

How to select the power of heating devices?

  • Calculating the thermal demand of a building
  • Predefined parameters for specific regions
  • Easy and user-friendly calculator interface
  • Automatic (approximate) selection of devices for thermal load


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