Heat recovery unit WALLER series

The WALLER series recuperator is designed for ductless ventilation of spaces such as: a room, office space, cafe, etc. This device is intended for wall installation. Thanks to the use of a reversible fan, WALLER is a complete supply and exhaust air device, enabling energy recovery from the exhaust air. WALLER can also operate in ventilation mode, as either a supply or exhaust-only device. In such a case, complete mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation can be provided by, for example, two WALLER devices operating synchronously, where one delivers fresh air to the room, and the other handles the exhaust of stale air. However, it should be noted that for devices operating in ventilation mode, energy recovery does not occur. The recuperator is controlled using a remote control, which significantly facilitates managing its operation.

Description: Heat recovery unit WALLER

Usage: The WALLER series recuperator is intended for:

  • Office spaces,
  • Rooms,
  • Gastronomic premises.


  • Motor power: 12 W
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Energy class: A* (* according to EU no. 1254/2014)
  • Maximum air flow: 20 – 64 m3/h

Control: The WALLER series recuperator comes with a remote control, allowing the device to operate in either regenerative or fan mode.


  • Plastic housing,
  • Ceramic heat exchanger enabling heat and moisture recovery,
  • Intuitive remote control included.

Technical specification

Product code WALLER-64-2046
Nominal airflow [m3/h] 20 - 64
Voltage/Frequency [V/Hz] 230/50-60
Rated current [A] 0,08
Maxium power efficiency [%] 92
Engine power [W] 12
IP protection degree 22
Weight [kg] 3,4
Noise [dB] 36,7
Energy efficiency class A


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